How do I set browser width and height in Selenium WebDriver?

I’m using Selenium WebDriver for Python. I want instantiate the browser with a specific width and height. So far the closest I can get is:

driver = webdriver.Firefox()

Which works, but sets the browser size after it is created, and I want it set at instantiation. I’m guessing there is an approach along the lines of:

profile = webdriver.FirefoxProfile();
profile.set_preference(foo, 1080)
driver = webdriver.Firefox(profile)

But I don’t know what foo would be, and I can’t figure out where the docs are.

Q1: is there a way to set width / height at instantiation?

Q2: Where are the reference docs listing all keys usable by profile.set_preference?

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Here is how I do it in Python with Selenium 2.48.0:

from selenium.webdriver import Firefox
driver = Firefox()
driver.set_window_position(0, 0)
driver.set_window_size(1024, 768)
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