How can I test my local web application on different browsers before launch?

I have a web app under development and before moving it to production I want to make sure how it looks across various browsers. How can I do that?

To test your locally hosted web applications on different browsers, you will need to perform local testing of your web apps.

You can select any cross browser testing tool like LambdaTest that offers Secure Localhost testing. By using the LambdaTest tunnel, you can test private, internal server, behind firewall or local folder files on the LambdaTest cloud.

To get started, refer to the Local Testing documentation.

Also to make your local testing efforts more easier, you can leverage the UnderPass - a desktop GUI application. UnderPass helps you to test your local pages without triggering LambdaTest tunnel from CLI. Just enter your username, access key and start testing right away.

Refer to UnderPass documentation.

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