How can I accelerate website regression testing using test automation?

I want to know how i can accelerate website regression testing using test automation. Can anyone please tell me.

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Regression test cases are performed before each release to ensure that the existing functionality operates smoothly. After each update, we need to add new feature coverage cases to the regression suite. These cases rarely change such that automating them reduces the necessary time and effort to perform them manually. So find the tool, and start automating it. You can go to a full codeless automation platform that is simple to learn and deploy.

Now, if you have an automation framework and regression suit for that, and you’re dealing with issues in reducing script processing time, I’d like to recommend a few aspects where you can concentrate on reducing overall test execution time-

  • Incorporate Parallel testing where each framework provides the ability to execute automation scripts in parallel.

  • Try to reduce the failure of the test script. But it’s best to patch the priority failed scripts. If the test script fails due to actual problems, locate and report them and disable the script until it is marked as fixed.

  • Watch out for the timeouts. Utilize dynamic timeouts rather than static timeouts.

  • Try to use dynamic wait rather than static wait for threads.

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