Firefox59 + testcafe is very unstable

Now I use lambdatest Automation with testcafe. Our tests are passed with almost all browsers (Chrome81, Edge17, Edge18, Firefox75, IE11, and iOS safari).

However, Firefox59 is (only) very unstable. It seems to be staled in the early stage of the test with high probability. I can run the test properly after retrying CI 3-6 times.

I just check the following, cannot find a way to resolve it.

  • task.js (testcafe internal js?) load error on browser console when interrupting by live.
  • This error on Selenium log may be related? The error does not appear on the passed case.
JavaScript error: resource:///modules/sessionstore/SessionFile.jsm, line 344: Error: _initWorker called too early! Please read the session file from disk first.

Failed case: LambdaTest Automation Passed case: LambdaTest Automation

How can I get stable the behavior of Firefox59?

Hi tatsuki.sugiura,

Apologies, for the delay in response. We are working with the Testcafe team on the issue and will keep you posted updates accordingly.

Thank you! LambdaTest Team