Export Team Invite status in CSV file format with a single click on csv button

Curious to know what this cvs button will do? :thinking:

Have you added Team-members in your LambdaTest account to perform parallel testing as per your plan subscription?

Go to https://accounts.lambdatest.com/detail/team and send few invites to your colleagues to add them to your team, they need to accept invitations via received emails

you could see them in your My Team list if they accept your invitation and in the Pending Invites list, if they are yet to accept your invitations.

Admin could keep a record of these invites in CSV format as well.

For this, Click on CSV button,

and CSV file will be downloaded, where you could get the details of all the invites like sent, withdrawn, and accepted from the date you signed -up over the platform till today

"Email" , “Sent By”, “Sent On”, "Current Status"

Happy Testing! :grinning: :smiley: :grinning: :grinning: