Coding Jag Weekly Issue 25

25th Edition of coding Jag includes the following topics:

25 simple gif

Learning to Code: What did I learn from failing?

5 min read

Faking Testing And Getting Caught

5 min read

Bug Scoring — a way to distinguish “same” bugs.

5 min read

Bridge the DevOps/Development Chasm to Boost DevOps KPIs

5 min read

Defect Detection and Security Prevention: How does Shift-Left Adoption Helps?

5 min read

How to get started with performance engineering: The what, why, and how

4 min read

Visual Testing for Mobile Apps

4 min read

3 Ways to Achieve In-Sprint Test Automation

7 min read

How To Speed Up JavaScript Testing With Selenium and WebDriverIO?

9 min read

Is The Test Automation Pyramid Dead?

9 min read

7 Extremely Useful Selenium JavaScript commands

9 min read

Open Source Test Reporting Tools

10 min read

10 of the Best Chrome Extensions to Find XPath in Selenium

8 min read

Product Of The Week #1:

Product Of The Week #2:

Podcast: Scientifically Optimize Your Processes with AI with Aviram Shotten

46 min

Video: How Dunelm, a $1B Retail Giant, does Digital Transformation and Testing

52 min

PODCAST: Smoke Testing Machine Learning

29 min

International Conference on Quality Assurance and Software Testing

00 min