Can l test my web- app under slow network conditions on LambdaTest?

I want to see some functionality of my webpage with 2G speed. Is it possible?


Yes, we do have a Network Throttling feature to test the functionality of your website in low latency networks ( 2G/3G/LTE) or even offline

If you are performing automation testing, you need to add a capability as

capabilities.setCapability(“networkThrottling”, “Regular 2G”);

here is the doc for your quick and detailed help: Network Throttling | LambdaTest

Also, In LT Browser App , you could validate your website on such network profiles, using network simulation on LT browser with single click and choose your network speed from the dropdown

Here is the Screenshot for an easy catch :slight_smile:


This feature would be soon available in Real-Time Live Testing as well.

Hope this would be helpful :blush:

Happy Testing! :innocent: