Can I send Email report of tests executed in Katalon?

I tried at my end, but getting error :frowning: Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes, you could definitely send the Email report to your desired email address

To configure Email Notification, you need to open Katalon Studio then go to:

Project –->Settings –-> Email

Let me show you some screenshots for quick help.

1… Double click on Email(highlighted in below screenshot) and fill in some details which are important to get Email Notification of Test Report, let’s say for Gmail , host, port no, protocols are essential entries with rest other details.

2… Take a demo of getting notification using Send Test Email , you might get the below error

3… In this, case you need to go your Gmail Account Settings and check your gmail port no. and also allow access for less secure app( as shown below)


4…Then again go to Katalon and retry the Send Test Email this time notification will send apply this.

5…Now go to your Test Suite, click on Execution Information, add desired email (for getting the report, can be more than 1), and run the test suite, after test execution, it will be sending an email.


6…Check your Email, you will get the report as below with the zipped attachment


Hope, I could answer your query.

THANKS :star_struck:

Happy Testing!