Be stubborn like a child, and work on your dreams/goals

One small story, which every parent and especially every mother experiences :kissing_heart:

Child👦 (With innocence) - Mumma I want chips, I want juice!

Mumma 🙆- It’s not good for health!

Child​:frowning_man:- Mumma please give me once, I have not had since many days (many days means here 2-3 days only :crazy_face:)

Mumma - You should not be eat or demand it on daily basis!

Child- Ok, I want only little, but want it now! Then I will not ask you again for a week/month!

Mumma🤷‍♀️-ok First let’s go to Dr, and first take injection and all bitter medicines

Child :man_office_worker:- ok fine!, but first give me what I want :worried:

Mumma - :face_with_raised_eyebrow: No means no

Child - :exploding_head::triumph: :pleading_face::roll_eyes:with all expressions drama at its best

Again after some time all drama repeats, within new style :grin: until the child achieves what they need :innocent:

They become more stubborn until then achieve what they want and even if they will achieve they will be ready with their demands (that is again unstoppable)!

Here context is not parenting​:innocent::slightly_smiling_face:

Lesson learnt from this is: Why can’t we stubborn for what we want in our life? :face_with_monocle:

Why we stop demanding or working hard for our goals when we get few failures or disappointments🤔

“Be stubborn like a child, and work on your dreams/goals” :kissing_heart:

Thanks to Ridhi for insightful post

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