Android session failing to start in Appium

i am using appium test on an android environment. I have passed the below desired capabilities:

"desiredCapabilities": {
    "acceptInsecureCerts": true,
    "acceptSslCerts": true,
    "applicationCacheEnabled": false,
    "automationName": "XCUITest",
    "browserName": "chrome",
    "build": "First Test",
    "console": "true",
    "deviceName": "Galaxy S7",
    "enableNetworkThrottling": false,
    "extendedDebuging": true

However, the session seems to be failing to start. Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong here?


Hey @peter-foldhazi

I recently came across the same error, and really could not understand what to do in this case. After a lot of digging, I found the solution.

You need to change the capability automationName to Test. So the capability will become:

    "Test": "XCUITest",

That’s it. Once you do, it will run just fine. Hope this helps